Feb 9 Saturday ‘sabado’
Sunny cloudy with a breeze and a max of about 13C. Felt chilly sitting outside with a jacket, but then hot when the sun was lower and I was in a sheltered spot. Danced as usual. The sea had waves and surfers. My right knee and left ankle hurt a bit again.
A mere 100 miles or so separates disco dancing drunken Spaniards from north Africa where you can’t dance with the opposite sex. Belief depends on where you are born. God depends on geography.

In Egypt I assume that most of the population wants an Islam based government which will impose morality and stability and preferably give a thrashing to those western influenced traitors who live in the big godless cities. Meanwhile the moderately educated semi-middle class who live mostly in the cities probably want a European style easy going place that leaves people alone to go to hell in their own way. Which reminds me that the Muslim fellow in the greengrocer, on learning that I dance on the beach, said, “The things that you can do in Europe!” Don’t know if he approved or if he has put me on the list of people to be flogged when Islam recreates Al Andalus.


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