Feb 14 Thursday ‘dia de san valentin’
Reading the book on stress and brain and body functions written by Prof at Stanford. Wonderful stuff. Interestingly those athletes who push their bodies are destroying their bodies. Apparently a 30 year old man who runs more than about 6 miles a day causes so much stress that his hormonal system changes and his bones will be as weak as a 70 year old. Marines who enter officer training are subjected to so much physical and mental pressure that their testosterone levels fall and their testicles shrink. 95% of 14r year old girls menstruate, but only 40% of runners do, and a mere 20% of gymnasts.

The hard physical effort stresses them to the extent of changing their hormones. So, maybe I am dancing too much. (I guarantee that I am not menstruating, and I nearly have the body of a 70 year old without any effort.) The effort I make is nowhere near to running 6 miles. I doubt I could run 1 mile. Up to now I have danced unless I felt very tired, in future I will dance as long as I feel keen and leave it if I feel that I am tired….. after all I don’t have any desire to shrink my balls. A strange thought, from this book, in the wild a woman menstruates between 20 and 30 times in her life. In modern society it is about 1,500 times. – The difference being that the natural way to breast feed is, apparently, every 15 mins for 1 or 2 mins and this completely suppresses fertility for the 3 years or so that breast feeding continues. Odd, that when the pill was first introduced it suppressed completely the menstrual cycle and women objected to that and so the pills were redesigned. Now it would seem that complete suppression is the more natural way.


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