Feb 26 Tuesday ‘martes’

Went to library, chilly day. Went on line using the memory stick, borrowed 3 books on health (all part of a series produced by a medical univerisity in Navarra)- on blood pressure, first aid, and osteoporosis. (No I am not worried about my bones, just reading up on what is available.) These books are supposedly written for the average reader…. well the average reader who knows what edema, hipopoteseo, and ocipital mean. (I look in my spanish dictionary which sometimes has the words and just gives the english translation – edema=oedema and then in the english dictionary which often but not always has the word. I now know some things about blood pressure which I suspect the doctors don’t know.

Measuring needs to be done multiple times over a period to see through the volatility – any one reading can be way off what your average pressure is, 2 readings still leaves a 50% chance of being wrong. 8 readings still leaves a 27% chance of being wrong.

Oh, measurements taken in chemist shops are not regarded as very reliable due to the lack of proper procedure and the busy environment.

Which reminds me… 134/85 oddly high.

Having read the latest book about blood pressure and how to track it,

I may decide to stop measuring for a while as seeing the higher numbers annoys me more than seeing the lower numbers pleases me.

On the other hand I’ll then have to find something else to worry about.

…oh, and I left the memory stick in the computer at the library and only realised when I was back home. So later that day I had a 1 hr 40 min round trip on foot again to collect it. (Well, what else do I have to fill in my time?)

It is pine pollen season. I have covered in plastic the outdoor furniture and ornamental plant pots. This usually lasts about 10 days. The paths and doorsteps need to be brushed every day to minimise the dust walked into the house.


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