Feb 28 Thursday ‘Jueves’

The drought is broken with todays heavy rain, thunderstorm and then hail storm clattering against the windows. The swimming pool has a few inches of water with yellow pollen scum floating on top. The swimming pool luxury life. When the rains stop I will have to pump it out. Went down to post box to pick up The Economist and got caught in rain.

I see reports that EU plans to ban banks from paying success related pay that exceeds the worker’s salary. How bizarre. The workers will demand higher salaries which will make bank losses more likely. The reform, in my mind, is that success related pay is perfectly okay as long as it is paid for success of the whole project and not just on how a long term project appears to be going in the first year. If paid in year 1 and the project collapses in year 3 the pay should be taken back.

Why would politicians care if the worker gets a low salary and is paid on success or a high salary and is paid only a little bit more on success. What is that to do with politicians? Maybe the reports on the news were inaccurate, or maybe it is just ‘politics’ appealing to the desire to do something that seems to regulate banks even if the regulation is daft and counterproductive.

In the book on stress and brain function the author listed the important complicated issues and then wrote… This leads us to the obviously important question…. why aren’t we ticklish when we tickle ourselves?

With the activity and bad weather I haven’t been dancing on the beach. It isn’t the same doing it indoors. I don’t get the ‘high’, although it is an interesting change having a floor that doesn’t move.

FEB ends.. but my weather record unfortunately has a feb 29 and the next few days means that I have an extra day in my daily record of the weather. I don’t know how that happens. One some day I must have written down the weather, forgot that I had done it and then filled in another day. No idea which of the days is the intruder.


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