March 4 Monday ‘lunes’

another grey day, overcast about 12C. The power company is back cutting up the trunks of the trees they felled a month ago and then hauling them away. I hope they collect the branches they dumped near my fence.

I have been thinking that it would be nice to do some partner dancing again. Maybe when the evenings are a bit lighter and warmer I will try the classes at the club at the beach. Maybe.

In the book on stress and health I read that the health risk of living alone and having few social contacts is equivalent to the risk from smoking.

I see some light rain through the window of my office. The last 10 or more days has been pine tree pollen season. This morning I went around the outside of the house dusting it off the windows and sweeping the terraces. The pollen is very fine which makes it difficult to brush and it is not soluble in water so after the rain it forms streakes and blobs. I think it may have ended now, so in the next few days I will probably unwrap the outdoor furniture that I had covered.


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