March 5 Tuesday ‘martes’
The morning was surprisingly and unpredictedly sunny so I went shopping and then to dance on the beach by which time the clouds had arrived and the sky became overcast with no sign of the sun. Having danced for about an hour a big young dog came running over and I tried to move it away from my backpack before it had a chance to pee on it. Deciding that we were playing it put its jaws around my left leg and I could feel the pain from the pressure of its teeth. It released, bashed against me and then bit my right thigh. These bites hurt. As I pushed it away I automatically kicked it in the chest and this deterred it from ‘playing’. At some point I shouted at the owner to call the dog, but he didn’t or at least I didn’t hear him. When the owner arrived he said that the dog was just a puppy and would not bite. “He has bitten me!” I shouted with fury, but by this time the dog had run off towards the children’s climbing frame and one child was now screaming and another hiding. The owner went over to assure them that he wouldn’t bite. I found myself shouting with great force that the dog is dangerous. The owner was incapable of calling the dog away and it took him some time to recover the dog. He spoke to the mother and to the children for a while and then came over to me. “He’s just a puppy he doesn’t bite..” “He bit me, I can feel the pain.” “Touch him he won’t bite. I saw you kick him” “Because he had bitten me!” “You’re crazy.” “Yes, please take the dog away.” “OK” The dog was something like a pitbull, massive jaws and although he probably was very young and probably was ‘just playing’ the fact of having his jaws around my leg and his teeth pressing painfully into my skin sent me off into autopilot self-defence. At the end I examined my legs and was relieved that there was no blood and that my trousers were not punctured. The surge of hormones meant that I could dance like the crazy man for another 20 mins or so. I was curious how all that may have affected my blood pressure. Before I went out it was high at 135/83 and after all that scare and dancing?…. It is odd, but it seems to be that dancing in public has an effect but dancing at home does not. I haven’t seen it listed as a recommended therapy but, it may help to be bitten by a dog. After all that- 118/79 – in the optimum range.

On habits among TV presenters I note the following verbal ticks that are added frequently: ‘going forward’ – a redundant phrase added to any prediction or future plan as in, “What do you expect profits to be GOING FORWARD?” “What is your forecast for china GOING FORWARD?” (Don’t you just hate forecasts that go backwards?) “anticipate” used to mean expect or hope for, as in, “What do you anticipate for tomorrow’s weather?” To which you would be compelled to reply, “I have stripped down to my pants and doused myself with sun-oil, anticipating that it will be a scorcher.” “they, he, she, it” redundantly used, as in, “The weather man HE said it will rain.” or “The market IT went up.”


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