March 7 Thursday ‘jueves’ (way-bes) Morning pressure 132/77 higher than I want it to be. Overcast mild morning, went shopping and then to beach although it isn’t my kind of day, but the sea was rough and the sand damp. A woman runner came over and I asked Quieres bailar? (‘Key-air-es buy-lar?’) she obviously didn’t understand so I asked, “do want to dance?” “No,” she replied, “I have no sense no choreography” I think she meant to say co-ordination. She asked, “Have you danced professionally?” We chatted a while, she’s an estate agent in England who comes to Spain for a week every two months to visit her mother. She runs some 20 miles a week and used to run marathons. She said that whenever she runs on the beach she sees me dancing. A little later the rain began and I moved to dance under the marquee of a closed restaurant. Not wanting to walk home in rain meant that I danced a long time. My guess is about 90mins, maybe more. Waking home got fairly wet as rain became heavier. In the fruit shop the owner asked me, “Todos los dias baila en la playa?” “You dance every day on the beach?” to which, I replied “casi” (“almost”). He said, “Tiene un cuerpo perfecto” “You have a perfect body” to which I replied with -can’t find the right word to describe how I felt… it is rediculously flattering and I am very aware of its falsity…- my response was “Tengo muchos dolores” (I have a lot of pains) which is an odd phrase to have come up with. (ah, reticence could be the word I need to describe my feeling at that time.) The most social day I have had this year. Blood pressure after dancing 114/74 – perfect. It will rise by end of day though. Back home, after changing out of the wet clothes and having lunch I feel snoozy and want to curl-up, but I also want to do something, but don’t know what that ‘something’ could be.

Hundreds of thousands turn out to shuffle past the coffin of Hugo Chaves, proof that you can buy love.


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