March 11 Monday ‘lunes’ (loo-ness) Knee still hurts, but feel a bit brighter. Wasn’t sure if I would want to dance or not. At beach decided to, but felt lifeless. Stopped many times, skipped music searching for something more inspiring and ended up probably doing about an hour, finishing off on the tiled area with a final big effort of bouncy spinney stuff that I would liked to have seen. I must look nuts, especially to someone who cannot hear the music. My poor feet ache, the toes hurt, my legs feel weak, I want to go to sleep, and I feel untroubled, calm, detached, oh and the sun has come out – how warm it feels.
The newspaper has 6 more pages on all you want to know, and more, about the election of the pope. I now know that the longest election took 3 years (yes years) and the shortest 10 hours, that there are no ‘liberals’ only conservatives within the church these days and the big argument is over whether to expose the pedophiles or cover them up. What would Jesus have done? Oddly the Bible steers clear of this one, preferring to warn about the evils of sea food and pigs trotters. (But then in the Bible it is fairly clear that it is better to throw your daughters to the crowd rather than insult a guest. – A moral I try to live by.)
I read one cardinal saying that covering up the buggery (he didn’t use that exact word) was wrong, that no one questioned the cover-up at the time, it can NOW be seen as an obvious mistake… BUT WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES… he is quoted as saying. AND THEY CONTINUE telling the rest of us what is moral and what is immoral as if they were infallible.
Apparently the cardinals want a pope who can communicate with Islam too. I assume that means no statements of the “You’re all going to burn in hell you vile blasphemers,” Ratzinger kind, or maybe that’s what they mean by communicate?


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