March 24 Sunday ‘dom-ing-go’ Overcast mild. Sufficiently tired and achey that I didn’t go out. Reading a book about the part of north africa called ‘Sahara’ or Western Sahara or Spanish Sahara. The size of England with a population smaller than Bournemouth, mainly of nomads. Badly treated by the Spanish troops who were badly treated by their officers most of whom seem to have been sadists and probably mad, but when spain left they handed the area to the neighbours in Morocco who seem to have been even worse. General rule: stay away from revolutions, stay away from colonies – especially when colonial power is waning, stay away from foreign legions and armies in general.

Or- General rule: stay away from rule by generals.

On news this evening a report about an event in a Spanish coastal town that attracts nasty foreigners who get drunk, fornicate, leave condoms and vomit and give the police lots of work. One of the locals asks why they don’t stay in their own country and do these things – which of course they do as we know because they are Brits. (Makes one proud, excuse me while I vomit.)

Watching a programme about dreams. First they state that most of what we do is probably subconscious and that we consciously become aware of it some moments later.(Based on scans of brain activity) Then we are told about Jung and Freud views on dreams being coded message from the subconscious to the conscious. So, if the subconscious controls so much, why does it have to send coded messages when our conscious is switched off? I smell a rat. I suspect that the old theories which were invented based on no evidence are rubbish, and that the program makers are not paying attention to the evidence that they have themselves reported.

It is hard enough separating memories of life events from remembered dreams. I have at times worried about property which I have never owned, family tragedy which I have not suffered and tasks pending which do not exist – all because of dreams that I woke during and took me some moments to realise were dreams.


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