March 26 Tuesday ‘mar-tez’ Up a bit late. Overcast and surprisingly warm at 20C. Decided to go shopping and not to the library. When dancing, some school group showed up, and when I finished a few of them applauded. I bowed and then several of them bowed with their arms waving up and down in the manner of worship that appeared in some movie and has become popular. I blew them kisses and loads of them waved to me and cheered. Silly, but much nicer than being laughed at or bitten by dogs. On CNBC a money manager said, “Cyprus is unique, it will not have any effect outside the island.” and then when asked about bank deposits said, “Obviously, anyone who has money in a poorly capitalised bank needs to move it to a safer bank.” She and the presenter of the show seem unaware of the direct contradiction between these two comments. And neither picked up on the second being a call for a run on banks across Europe.


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