March 28 Thursday ‘way-bez’
Morning sunny/cloudy reaching about 21C in the garden and probably more at the beach.
When to plumbers office to pay a bill.
Fairly busy now that it is Easter (I think it is Easter) and the shady part under the palm trees is where I like to be when it is warm. Danced and as often is the case was videoed by various persons.
Shopped and went home for lunch – tortilla espanyol plus a salad (red pepper, carrot, lettuce, walnuts, apple and a dash of olive oil) and some toasted rolls plus fruit salad of sliced grapefruit and oranges and a strawberry yoghurt and then… does he never stop eating? … a cereal bar and a glass of cola. An hour or more of dancing plus the 5 km round trip walking certainly makes me hungry. …and I was still hungry so had another cereal bar.


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