March 30 Saturday ‘sab-a-dow’
Sunny cloudy, windy very warm. When I went out at about 10.30 it was already 21C. Beach and promenade very busy. Always like this at Easter and always surprises me how the population temporarily expands. Had intitial difficulty switching off my shyness due to be surrounded by people, but after a song or two I was off, separating from the surroundings, conscious of others, but not bothered by their being. A few more telephone-videos (what do they do with them?) On returning home a neighbour said to me, “Es un chaval que sale y regresa cuando quiere” at least I think she said that, but it is strange – “You are a youngster who goes out and returns whenever you like.”
Now (17:28) suffering heavy rock music from across the road. Another aspect of easter. The family who, I assume, own the house as a holiday place are noisy, not just with music, but often with fireworks and just talking. They talk as if they were in an auditorium projecting their voices to the most distant seats. I note that the Pope has a love of feet, isn’t that being a pedaphile?


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