April 2 t4esday
went on line to check if my order for a delivery of gas had been received by the company. 25 minutes of struggling with their website to be ‘registered’ after which the website informed me ‘Due to technical problems please try again later’. I placed the order using their new SMS service which gave me no confirmation and so I have no idea if it has been processed. Then spent 50 mins trying to arrange to pay a tax on the government website, which ended with ‘ Error 0115’ – no explanation what it is or what I should do. More than an hour wasted. – second time I have tried these things with the same lack of success. In a TV drama series I was watching, one of the characters was a dancer who wanted to show how important his ability to dance is – it is his life. I was excited to see him go through a series of modern ballet moves. He did two jumps that I would love to be able to do, but in general I was underwhelmed.


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