April 4 Thursday ‘way-bez’
Overcast mostly, but sunny spells, a light shower. 20C max. Youngsters laughing at me today. I didn’t think my legs would be up to more dancing after the pain of last night. I danced on the tiles rather than the sand. I think the sand causes much more strain on my joints. Other youngsters applauded. It takes an effort to start dancing with people walking past me and generally milling around. After a few minutes of slow movement in time with music I am usually off – detached psychologically from that part of my brain which worries about social disdain. A teenage girl amused herself and her friends by imitating me in an unflattering manner. A toddler of maybe 2 years was absolutely fixated on me and started jumping and wobbling while the young mum stood by his/her side. I applauded the toddler and started to dance with him/her. The toddler turned 360 degrees when I did and was really impressive for such a small child. Mom finally took him/her aware, but the toddler ran back for more. Taken away again I waved goodbye and he/she waved back. Someone asked what music I was listening to and as I can rarely remember such things I let them listen for a while. (Time for a boom box, promotional T-shirts “I saw the crazy grandpa dance” and a collection box – for Retirement homes for destroyed legs. Or maybe I should offer my services to the local animal charity to whom I took clothes hangers today – Why do stray dogs need clothes hangers? I can’t say but that is what they were asking for in their shop window. I also took them plastic bags which they always want.) Back in the absurd position of needing to phone the gas company to arrange a delivery but my phone company will not connect to numbers beginning 901. The gas company has started an SMS method of ordering gas, but my use of this has not produced a delivery. I am thinking that I should buy a different SIMM, but none of the companies say anything about their service at the point of sale. It is pot-luck what you get.


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