April 6 Saturday ‘sab-a-dow’
Cold night at 5C, sunny day, but need a jacket as 10C when I went out.
Decided to take my dance shoes in my bag and change into them at the beach. Had been thinking about this for some time. Curious if they are better on the tiles than the sports shoes. Windy as I sat and changed shoes. Kept jacket on for a while as having difficulty getting in the mood in the cold. Later removed jacket and shirt and danced in T-shirt as I warmed-up. A young man and woman came out of the ‘EsTapa’ restaurant where they work to talk to me. “Hablas espanyol?” he asked. He went on to say, “You dance every day in the summer and the winter we have watched you…. ” I think he said, “She wishes she could do this.” and she asked me “How do you dance like this with people watching you? How do you disconnect?” I explained how I had become braver after taking some dance classes, and she said something like – “I told you” to her companion. She said something about stress in their work. We chatted a while then we shook hands and they said “It has been a pleasure.” before returning to their work and I to my dance – I put some extra effort in due to their interest. A youngster applauded as he skate-boarded past me. It is funny how the public are in 3 camps, those who show some approval, those who don’t react and those who ridicule. I suppose that is how everything is. Was given a lift by dutch neighbour which I accepted because I was hungry. He told me that the radio was stolen from his car outside his house. He had left the door unlocked. Being a no through road we don’t expect to have many passersby robbing our things. Makers me wonder about starting to lock my garden gate again. (Haven’t locked it in years.) I think that the dance shoes give better foot arch support and they may have made spinning a bit easier, but didn’t notice much.


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