April 8 Aching knee and ankle and general tiredness. No dancing. All TV stations adoring Maggie Thatcher, whose death is apparently of great importance, I know not why. She was undoubtedly a big thing in her time, but I don’t see why at 85 and senile, her death is big news. It made me wonder about this habit of obituaries where we review what someone did 20 or 30 years prior to dying. It is not as if we just lost an important person, she ceased being of any importance when she lost her mind and possibly even earlier when she lost he role as Prime Minister. I hear that South Africa and much of the world is greatly relieved to hear that gumby? Ambi? Nabima? whatever they call the great saint Mandela is out of hospital. As he is 95 they are not going to be relieved for very long. Both those persons ceased being great before they died, and so I find it odd to treat their deaths as great events. I hear that the British miner’s union (I didn’y know there were any miners left) ofiicially commented ‘Good riddance’. In America Reagan is recalled as a great president, and yet at the time he was not. Easy to forget that perhaps half of the country hated Mrs Thatcher, but as someone said, even Churchill didn’t have an ‘ism. Don’t know if lack of dance or the sad departure of the great woman is responsible but blood pressure up and did not feel tired enough to go to bed until 4am. Very odd. Watched US TV show about a matchmaker for millionaires. One multi-millionair very handsome athletic 40 year old was so bereft of personality that even the gold digger women found him too boring. BUT the drag queen star of Las Vegas who happened to be introduced to him couldn’t take his eyes off and asked if he had ever thought of changing teams.
Scary part of the millionaires requirements often seems to be that their potential spouse has to be a Christian who knows her bible. One, who has a clothes brand intially designed when in prison for drug dealing which features Christian icons was about to eat lunch with his date – but first they prayed. (But I forget this is the country of tatooed bounty hunters who pray for their prey.)


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