April 12 Friday ‘beer-ness’ (Is the spanish name for this day a suggestion of what to drink?)
Beautiful sunny day with a max of 25C. Having felt guilty about lack of exercise yesterday, danced in shade of palm trees and then changed shoes and danced a while in the sun on the tiled surface. While I was changing my shoes (and tipping out the cupfuls of sand from the sport shoes) 3 ladies of probably my age or maybe a little older, who had been seated outside a restaurant and watching me as I danced walked past. One of them said (in spanish) ‘Una maravilla’ (A marvel). Then she repeated it with emphasis.
I responed with “Muchisimas gracias” (Thank you very very much) I think one of them said that they felt worn out just from watching. At least that is what I hoped she meant, because the actual words could as easily mean that they got tired OF watching. While I had been dancing on the sand a waitress waved in my direction, but I assumed she was waving to someone else. Later I saw her imitating my arm movements while talking to a customer. It is funny that lots of people do this and most of the time it makes me think, “I hope I don’t look like that.” But when she imitated me it looked good. Some persons simply move well, their limbs flowing elegantly and some don’t. When she looked at me I saluted her and she saluted back in an exagerated manner. She and the 3 mature ladies are the highlights of my sex life. My left ankle was strapped-up today and yesterday and also my right knee. Looking at economic charts covering the Thatcher years makes me believe that every major comment about her time and the aftermath are nonsense.
The big changes that appear to be true:
Fall in union membership from about 13million to 10million, a change which has continued downwards to about 7 now.
Fall in days of strikes really occurred after her time to a trivial level from 1994 to today.
Small fall in amount of our income taken and spent by government from 45% to 39% OR 48% to 42% (depending on just where you measure it), but it fell in late 1990s to 36% and is now back up to 46%
Economic growth – the graph is very small and so difficult to read, but looks like she had no effect whatsoever. The big comments about transforming Britain – not in the economic statistics, but maybe in something else? In all those years of complaints about cutting the NHS, the budget was actually increased. I believe that the social effects were to force many subsidised businesses to actually produce value for customers or closedown, and to take power away from unionised workers and give it back to their bosses. That transfer of power was despised by the ones who lost out and the closing of the hugely loss making mining, ship building and steel industries obviously destroyed many a town. (The workers in these industries never seemed to understand that they were living off charity from the rest of the country.)


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