April 15 Monday
Far fewer persons on beach now that Easter is over (I am assuming that Easter is over.) The restaurants have rolled back their glass walls (walls made of sliding door sections) as the air is now warm enough for everyone to sit outside. Bomb in Boston kills 2 (3 by tuesday, maybe more later) Maybe 100 injured. About the size of a minor plane crash or a very bad motorway pile-up. On this day roughly 40 americans were murdered as they are every day, day in day out, without being world headlines. Another 40 or so die every day in car crashes without scaring people or creating calls for government to react. Even these murders and car crash deaths are tiny compared to the deaths from fast food. The biggest danger to life and limb in America is from what they put in their mouths and what they don’t do with their legs. Obviously the murder and mutilation is a terrible act, but spectacular unusual events are not an important danger to us. It is unfortunate that we ogle these bursts of violence and become distracted from the continuous dangers that fade into the fabric.


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