April 16 Tuesday
Another mainly sunny warm day. Danced too much. I could not resist the raised empty terrace of one of the restaurants with its shade and smooth tiled floor. Came home for lunch with aching knees and then fell asleep in the garden for an hour and a half. Now at 7pm my knees still hurt while I listen to French TV news ‘debating’ the boston bombing. Spanish newspaper gave as much space to the death of a movie star who I have never heard of as they did to Maggie. They both died at same age and same time. The difference is that the movie star was a beautiful woman, making movies in Hollywood when I was born, then returned to Spain and was apparently well known until her death. Being in Spain means there are lots of famous people I have never heard of. Watching documentaries about the last 40 years is a strange mixture of the known and the unknown. For example that movie star was in a western with Gary Cooper and commented on Burt Lancaster as attracting men rather than women. I think her name was Sara Montiel.


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