April 17 Wednesday
One of the perfect days, sunny but not hot. With my aching knees I decided to stay in today. Sitting in the partial shade of the jacaranda tree, I was struck by the seeming impossibility of the fact that I am in a foreign country and reading a book in a foreign language. Having obtained, many years ago, 3% in the school exam for french, the idea of being able to read a book in a foreign language would have
…interrupted by a visitor. Chatted for a while and then knocked some tennis balls around on the court together until I was overcome with hunger. I keep thinking that I have forgotten to do something important. On TV watching CubaTV with a dance performance from Havana’s Karl Marx Theatre. Saw a turn that I want to be able to do, plus some other things that I admire but did not have time to understand. The turn (spin) seems simple as it just consists of bowing the head and leaning forwards, but the direction the head is pointing in does not change. This is not easy at all. If I do it very slowly it makes me dizzy and is very awkward. Obviously needs a lot of practice.


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