April 18 Thursday
Another lovely day, sunny with a probable 23C max and a breeze that keeps a fresh feeling.
Lots of fruit and veggies on the shopping list. With a need to buy tortilla (chilled cabinet) and yogurt and strawberries (which suffer if I leave them in my bag down at the beach for an hour) I have to shop after dancing rather than before. Sometimes I forget and sometimes I dance till I am tired and hungry which makes shopping a chore. My plan was to go to a cyber to check some things on line, but as I approached the beach I just wanted to dance so bugger the chores. With my knees complaining I did not want to dance on the beach as that causes more torsion because the sand grips my feet as I turn, but unfortunately my planned terrace was covered in tables, chairs and customers. (How dare they occupy my stage.) As I walked along looking for a shadey place I waved to the staff at ‘Estapati’ who gave a big wave back and later received a happy smile and wave from waitress at another cafe where I am known. (‘Known’ in the biblical sense? Perhaps – as a recurrent pestilence.) I had forgotten my dance shoes which would have been nice to have as they reduce the stress on my joints. Danced under the new sunshades that have been built at one end of the prom. Many a bewildered face passed me by. After dancing my blood pressue is 100/71 which is in the ‘optimum’ range. I believe that the dance reduces pressure 10/5 from what it would be without dancing. As I leave I feel very content, peaceful, happy, relaxed. I read that in Portugal the government wanted to only pay 13 months salary to its employees instead of the customary 14 months salary (yes 14 months per YEAR), but their supreme court says it isn’t allowed to do that if private companies pay the full 14. So Portugal can’t even try to balance its governmental budget and can’t borrow the money because no one wants to lend to them and without trying to balance the budget the IMF and European system doesn’t want to pay. Can’t imagine much enthusiasm for voters in other countries to pay more tax so that Portuguese civil servants can be paid 14 months per year. There will be problems. Portugal- an irresistible force (lack of money) meets an unmovable object (constitutional socialism). They don’t have the money to pay, but the constitution court says that they must pay no matter what. (Obviously they will blame the Germans. It is difficult to feel pity for the Germans, but I almost do. They gave up their deutchmark having been promised that the new euro would be just as strong and that they would never have to pay for those lazy corrupt wastrels down south, and now they are expected to pay for everything while being reviled and ridiculed as new Hitlers. Yes, I almost feel pity for them.)


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