April 19 Friday
Lots of cloud and not so warm. Max 20C I believe. At 5pm switched on CNBC to see what the markets have done (don’t know why I do this) and all that was on was the man hunt in Boston. The death toll now 4 or so. Helicopters, all the news stations, thousands of armed agents. Absurd speculation about motives and foreign governments. Each comment more excited and more detached from fact. Yesterday we learnt that a fertilizer factory and warehouse exploded killing how many? I don’t know, but more than 4. (I think it was 20 or maybe more). So what is the greater danger Foreign Terror or Fertilizer? The comment that these two young men were unable to adapt to the American way seems an odd statement when the American way to act when angry is to go on a killing spree. They used a bomb of course when they should have used automatic rifles. Is it in that that they seem un-American? I assume that there are many killers on the lose who have killed more than 4 persons. And another 40 or so will be murdered today without international TV coverage. (I am using 5 murders per 100,000 multiplied by about 300 million divided by 365) I felt tired and lacking in energy when dancing down at beach. A Spanish woman probably in her 60s came over to me and signaled approval. I took off the headphones and thanked her. She asked, “Es bailarin de la tele?” (Are you a dancer on television?)
I replied that it is just a pastime and her face responded with surprise and she tried to convince me that I must be mistaken telling me that I have the ‘form’. She told me to enjoy my youth, adding that I was obviously younger than she. I didn’t question this, but I don’t know if it is true.


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