April 24 Wednesday Windy cool sunny/cloudy day. Did not expect to dance, did expect to go on-line, but danced instead. Two neighbours (Roy and Shirley) were in cafe and came over to talk together with another woman. She was curious what the music was, but as the batteries had just run flat I couldn’t let her listen to it and I don’t know how to describe music. The CD was one I bought a few days ago by someone I don’t know and whose name I can’t recall. She said that she had been trying to imagine what the music was based on my movements, to which I replied that that assumes I am dancing in time to the music and I can’t guarantee that I am. Later a Spanish woman and her wheelchair husband came over. She told me that I dance like a ‘chaval’ (youngster). Her gushing praise seemed a touch inappropriate in front of someone in a wheelchair, especially when she asked me, “What would life be like without music and dancing?” To which I replied “Aburrido” (Boring) and she said, “Aburridisimo” (very very boring) – but, I thought, not as bad as being stuck in a wheelchair. She then told me that she was 60 but in her head she is still just a girl. When, exhausted, I decided to sit down and change out of my dcance shoes, a woman called out “Puedes un poco mas?” (Can you do a bit more?) To which I replied that either I finish now or I die. Watching French TV discussing (no that is too gentle and polite term for what they were doing) same sex marriage. They showed video of the law being passed in New Zealand where the persons in the chamber sang a mauri love song and compared that to the French parliament where there was a fist fight. 4 guests on the French TV debate, 3 plus the presenter fairly obviously in favour and 1 against. One of those in favour kept repeating that no one can understand what the objectors are objecting to, but whenever the guest who is against began talking he would be interrupted by the others who argued every word or put words in his mouth or asked him questions that prevented him from explaining his point of view. It seems that roughly half the population are against and a slight majority are against adoption by gay couples. (It seems that in france you may need to be married to be able to adopt and if married you have the right to adopt.) It being a subject to which I am directly indifferent, the only comment on the subject that appeals to me is, “Why should it only be heterosexuals who have to suffer marriage?” One of the oddities is that heterosexuals have the right to make babies and be moderately bad parents without this being of much interest to anyone, but adopting a child brings with it massive supervision and selection.


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