April 26 Thursday
Day started cold, overcast with expectation of rain so I went out dressed in water resistance that didn’t cope with the sunny midday that developed. Wasn’t planning to dance as everywhere was wet, but with the brightening of the sky I couldn’t resist. I note that the US President has described use of chemical weapons in Syria as a ‘RED LINE’ which, if crossed, will have consequences. I assume it will mean drawing a new line in a different colour. On Spanish TV the street protests in Madrid, near the parliament consisted of squads of obviously well practiced, tightly co-ordinated riot police surrounded by an impressive crowd of baying photographers. The only thing missing was any sign of protestors. Politicians now in office, knowing nothing about how to fix things, get a lot of blame for what happened before they were elected. The proposal from some of the protestors, reportedly, was to storm the parliament and throw them all out. An utterly pointless change, but no doubt it would feel good for a day or two.


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