May 2 Thursday
Still didn’t go on-line. Clear sky, max temp 18C, breezy. A lovely day and a bit cooler than normal for early May, I think. Bought fruit and veg. Beach and prom still fairly busy, although not as busy as yesterday. Another toddler stupefied watching me. Her mother gently encouraged the toddler to approach. I held out my hands to take hers, but she signalled she wanted to be lifted, so I picked her up in my hands and turned around a few times before putting her down again. Her mother told her to wave goodbye. Most people ignore me, no doubt they’ve seen me before, I have no new tricks, and anyway, they have no interest in an old bloke dancing.

I need to soak my feet and then scrape off some of the calluses.

Finished the book about the decline of socialism in spain, of which roughly one chapter was interesting. Seems that the over 50s are ‘conservative’ as is probably the case anywhere, but the under 30s are also. Apparently it is only the 30 to 50 age group that is left wing. Odd, because traditionally the young are lefties who with age become more conservative. I read that in France the anti gay marriage and adoption protests were the biggest demos in decades and that it has surprised everyone. Ironically, now that gays can marry instead of having a contractual relationship, 2 out of 3 hetero couples prefer contractual relationships to marriage.

(On BBC World, a UK politician interviewed the president of South Africa about the gunning down by police using assault rifles of strikers outside a mine. He replied that it was provoked by the company. How? Because the company gave a raise to some workers. That annoyed the others, and that was the provocation.

Meanwhile, on Venezuela..
The Spanish foreign minister offered to mediate and was told to keep his nose out and instead to worry about the spanish working class. The admirers call the Venezuelan presidents ‘great communicators who involve the public in political choices’. They do this dressed in sportswear, shouting in front of a few hundred ardent admirers who cheer and stamp and applaud, and this is relayed through all the TV and radio channels by law. Democracy in action, apparently. (Little is more popular than telling the old colonial power to sod-off. A bit like our blaming the Germans for anything.)

The ‘Davy Cricket’ brightly painted rifle made specially for children – So, a couple who live in a trailer bought one as a birthday present for their son, their 5 year old (FIVE) who when the parents were out shot and killed his 2 year old sister. The authorities classify it as an accident and the mother (bless her) said, “It’s a shock, but I know she is in good hands in heaven.” The expression that comes to mind second is ‘only in America.
‘. The one that comes to mind first isn’t fit to print. I presume that more intelligent americans write this off as a problem of ‘trailer trash’. Can their be anything better for American family values than going killing with your 5 year old? And yet when they see killing in Boston they assume it must be the result of overseas radicalisation. Isn’t home grown violence and worship of killing machines sufficient radicalisation? (Obviously I am a European, piss in his pants, commie fascist appeaser, queer.)


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