May 3 Friday
Woke up early to a sunny day, house cold because although the heating is programmed to be on (needed during last week of cold) it was too early.
Supermarket was closed without any sign saying why. I assume it is one of these local holidays that everyone is supposed to know about so no one bothers mentioning them. Felt lack of energy and general tiredness; maybe simply because it is Friday or maybe because I woke up early. Didn’t feel very animated and had the impression I was dancing below par. Received wave and smile from pretty waitress in one cafe as I walked past to go to my next dancing point on the way along the promenade. (I stop at the wide points where I won’t get too mixed up with walkers, skaters and bikers. Woman who works in EsTapaTi restaurant came out to chat. She is from Ukraine, blonde, probably about 30, pleasant looking. She doesn’t dance. “What not even salsa?” No, just the waltz. It seems that eastern Europeans all learnt some ballroom when they were young. She told me that her work mates are from Colombia and all have salsa in the blood. (By the way salsa is literally ‘sauce’.) After our chat I felt more energetic. Funny how being around women puts a little ‘salsa’ in one’s spirit. While dancing a man nearly fell over a small child because both were walking while watching me. Could I be blamed?
Later, when dancing in another place, an old lady spoke to me about dancing. I took her left hand and put it on my right shoulder, and her right hand in my left in order to dance with her. She said, “No puedo bailar en absoluto, pero me gusta mirar.” (I can’t dance at all, but I like to watch.)


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