May 4 Saturday
Last night fireworks in town. Watched from roof. As usual no idea it was going to happen. A fortune spent. Spain:
A Spanish mayor having been released on bail over charges of corruption and misuse of public funds returns to his demoralised team who decide that they need to do something to re-build morale. So they arrange a party together with live band in the mayor’s house and charge everything to the council.
Lovely day, clear sky, bit warmer, maxed at 21. It will soon be too warm to dance on the prom so I may have to return to the shade of the palms in the sand if I can find space. Nothing much happened today, but I had more energy. A woman from Slovakia asked to listen to the music and said, “It’s disco,” which surprised me. Sometimes I feel guilty, spinning, bouncing, and flexing when someone of roughly my age hobbles by with the aid of a stick, or motors by in a powered wheelchair.


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