May 7 Tuesday When I arrived I started to stretch as I always do and a group of Spanish women were walking by, one of them asked, “Vas a bailar?” (Are you going to dance?) I said yes and another gave me a thumbs-up and a facial expression of approval. The expectation of warm weather coming has now turned into reality. It was very warm down at the beach, being tuesday I had my stage, but the restaurant staff have rolled back the roof and so it offered little shade. Fortunately it was fairly cloudy and so there was some relief, but I was still dripping sweat. Danced less energetically and for much less time. Would have liked to do more, but thought it too hot. All the restaurants roll back their glass doors so that the area becomes open except for having a roof. The beach was almost empty. As usual there are a few restaurants that are full and the rest are empty. People prefer to go where other people are. Back at house I see that the thermometer has maxed at 29C, so no surprise that I was dripping sweat. I may have to shift my sleep times so that I can be at the beach much earlier while the sun is low or I may have to give up dancing there. Being the local nutter means that persons in cafes seem to signal to their friends as I pass, or they half grin in a group watching me walk by (or I imagine this as any self respecting local nutter does). Obviously I don’t and couldn’t recognise them because they have not done anything notable, but they seem to know me. It is funny how my life currently revolves around dancing at the beach. The round trip and dancing (and some shopping) takes 3 hours, then I have lunch and am so relaxed (exhausted) that I can do virtually nothing until dinner time. That just leaves the evening for other activities.


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