May 8
Woke up early, probably due to warm air coming through the open window. Hard to believe the changes in weather from winter chill that keeps me in bed to this spring heat.
Up early meant getting to the beach with the sun lower, but it is almost completely overcast today and hot.
Sat on bench alternating legs up on bench to lean and touch head to knee. The first time is always slow and achy. Then stand bend forward to touch floor, sideways left and then right, backwards in a ‘limbo’ move that is a killer and from which there is a danger of falling over. Twist clockwise and anti-clockwise. Finally standing on one leg with the other folded up in front and then behind with the final final move of holding the foot out behind and as high as possible (arabesque).
This is partly to prevent sudden movement injury and partly to ease into doing something that is essentially strange – dancing on my own in front of strangers in a public place.
With the heat I stuck to the relatively slow music of … who? Shopmann I think is her name. Juliet? Shopmann?
Slow music, but I still ended up glistening with sweat.
Wearing white trousers and a panama style hat with no shirt due to the heat and lack of sunshine. A slick with sweat, stripped to the waist, hairy chested, bouncing, wrinkly skinny bag of toned muscle. A passing Spanish woman said to her friends “What rhythm he has” or I may have mistranslated he saying, “What rheumatism he has.”
Back near my house, a neighbour was loose together with his dog. Normally the dog is inside the garden and barks at anyone who has the temerity to walk along the street. That is always annoying. Today
he (the dog) came up behind me and barked in his big dog way. The owner said “Tonto” (stupid) and for some reason I experienced a strong emotional reaction which was probably apparent in my statement to the owner. I think I said something like, “It really annoys me that every time I walk past here I get threatened by the dog.” The owner said something about putting the dog inside and moved towards the dog who again barked at me. I turned to the dog and roared back, “Aaarrrgh!” which made the dog jump. (See, I am becoming the local nutter.) It is a spanish tradition that dogs bark at everyone who walks by. The owners just shrug their shoulders. They seem to believe that this is an uncontrollable nature of dogs and that it is a good thing because it protects their property. I doubt both those beliefs, firstly dogs can be trained (in theory) and secondly a dog that barks at everyone and anything produce a series of false alarms and so are probably ignored when there is a real intruder. As I write this my immediate neighbours little dogs are barking at god knows what.
Oh, when I finished dancing and had done my shopping, I noticed two woman watching me walking by so I waved to them and they inclined their heads in response. I don’t know if they were saying, “Oh that’s the wonderful dancer,” or “there goes the nutter who roars at dogs.”


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