May 9 Thursday
Had to check to see if it is thursday or not. Another warm day with a lot of high cloud. I am sitting in the shade of a tree where it is plenty warm.
Tried to dance in the shade of awnings belonging to two restaurants. At the first I danced to the TV music – they have Cadena40 (a spanish channel that used to be on free to view terrestrial digital, but is now encrypted somewhere. They play a mix of music, a lot of Spanish artists plus Rhianna and other US or UK international acts. The music isn’t very loud which means it is harder to dance to and what they play often doesn’t appeal to me very much. When that happens I switch over to my own music. Later I moved to the EsTapaTi where there is less shade and finally (actually penultimately) to an open area and then finally to the end o9f the prom where there is a big area with few fellow travellers. At the penultimate station a woman walking by with another woman asked, “What music are you listening to?” This was in English. It surprises me how confident some people are when there is little way of knowing if the other person speaks your language. I let her listen and she made the comment that always seems wrong to me, “Oh, it’s good music.” (Is it? How does she know? ) She then passed the ‘phones to her friend who said, “It’s no surprise you dance the way you do.”
“Do you dance?” I ask. “Yes” so I put her hand on my shoulder and take hold of her other hand. She says, “I would, but I am not in the mood.” (I assume she is referring to dancing.) “It’s hot,” she adds, which it was. In the movies you see a man take a woman’s hand, he leads her on to the dance floor, and although she says that she has never danced in this style before they float around the floor like a professional dance troupe. Aside from the exaggeration of it being a romantic film, I have no idea how strangers could dance an unknown dance together without stepping on each other and generally being awkward. Sooner or later I may find out. Let’s hope without injury.
Also watched a programme from Italy which was made by a manufacturer of underwear and beach wear called Calcedonia. It was almost as glitzy a production as the Academy awards but with beautiful women and men in underwear. They also had dancers. The men were in the street-breakdance-funk style, lots of powerful jumping and big poses, but I thought the choreography lacked and the dancers were often just running or stomping around.
The Spanish presenter who also spoke british perfectly interviewed one of the models, asking, “How does it feel to be one of the few chosen from so many beautiful women to present these clothes?” To which she replied, “Oh, I’m not one of the models, I am the local TV presenter.” (Italy, you know.)


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