May 30 Thursday
Still feeling tired so I decided to go on-line (an action that conflicts with dancing because the time used up leaves little before hunger drives me home). Printed out the ryanair boarding pass, or at least I hope I did. -a process that takes ages as I feel obliged to check and re-check the data that I have entered.
After shopping I felt no energy and so walked home. Oddly for a day of just 21C I arrived sweaty and feeling weak. I guess it is a lack of something, sugar? salt? water?
Yesterday made a list of works to be done while I am away plus cleaning and shopping just before I return.
Reading about developers of software aimed at analysing what any individual writes on twitter in order to determine what that person is like. Other software which is to search out anything that you have ever written on-line in order to determine things about you. This used to be meaningless because it was customary to use an on-line pseudonym, but now with facebook it is normal to use one’s real name.
Fame without wealth is too dangerous. It brings all the potential troubles: libel, stalkers, prosecution, death threats, without the money to pay for lawyers and body guards.
Imagine in the 1970s publishing the kind of jokes that used to be told on ‘The Comedians’ TV show. Thirty years later in a google search your jokes are still available and you are classified as a racist, homophobic misogynist.
You make a run of the mill comment which draws no response in your home country, but stimulates death threats and riots in some far off society.
Those of us who don’t have a facebook page and twitter feed will of course be suspected of having something to hide. Perhaps the spy agencies will be preparing lists of citizens who are ‘hiding’ in this way.
For years I used to wonder why so many people had computers in their houses; I couldn’t see what they could be used for that ordinary persons would want. Now I have to ask why so many people want to carry one around with them at all times (‘smart-phones’ which are PCs with a phone included). They cost around £500. I assume it is just fashion; that persons feel inadequate if they don’t have what others have. Or maybe I am missing something here.
Missed 2 phone calls from a spanish mobile. No idea who would be calling me at 23:30. Probably a wrong number. (Problem with mobile phone – I leave it on a table and it is not very loud so I don’t hear it if someone calls. Can’t be bothered to carry it in my pocket risking that it falls out repeatedly for the sake of 1 caller a month.)


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