May 31 Friday
Sunny, breezy, 21C at 11 am, will probably peak near 25 this afternoon. The rest seems to have done some good. No longer feel exhausted. Went stright to beach and started moving to music. After 20 mins saw an endless line of small school children being moved in multiple lines along the prom by adults I assume to be teachers. The children giggled and guffawed at me as they passed while I tried to ignore their presence. A little later I moved to the supermarket end of the prom with the intention of one last session before shopping, but the beach was infested with larger school children all dressed in shorts and T-shirts. I stood there for a while not wanting to endure the likely comments and idiocy of the pubescent public. Clicking through various music tracks until I found one I liked and started to move around concentrating on the beat. When the track stopped I looked around at the newly emptied beach and the children amassed on the promenade, some 200 or so watching me.
One or two clapped and then stopped apparently embarrassed at having clapped. I bowed to them and they started to clap again. I bowed again and others began to applaud. I danced some more and there was various applause, shouts of ‘ole’ and cheers. (Any excuse to make some noise, I think) Some of the boys did some jumping around, very poor imitation of break dancing or poor imitation of me. Two or three came over to me to shake hands.
I let them quiet down and the adults to organise them and move them on, then I danced a while longer.
All very strange.
I am thinking about the proportion of ridicule and praise. I don’t know which I may be about to receive, but leaving out the majority reaction which is in the “Don’t know/Won’t say” group I think the balance must be positive, because I probably notice the nasty comments or reactions more than the positive ones and my general impression is of far more positive reactions than negative ones.
I feel that I should have a troupe and loudspeakers with a mix of dance styles ensemble and some couples ballroom. It should be possible to get sponsorship. (No, not seriously, much better to just imagine this than do it.)


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