June 2 Sunday
Sunny, breezy, max 25C. Proper May weather, but it is June. Felt a little bored dancing, I need to change the music.

In the ‘Black Beluga’ was a couple with whom I had spoken a couple of weeks ago, I waved to them and they waved and ‘thumbs-upped’ in return. If I were a social person I would have gone over and chatted at some stage, but of course I did not.

In one of the semi-open-air cafes the TV was showing a clip from West Side Story of dancers. Now, this was the movie that impressed me when I was a lad because I thought the dancers were fantastic. As I watched this short clip, I thought to myself, ‘Oh, my! I could do that.’ Perhaps this is not true, and if true probably only a small part of what they do in the movie, but it did surprise me that in this clip what they were doing seemed possible.

After I had finished there was some considerable noise of young men in football kit together with one in a rabbit costume, a drummer and a player of a reed instrument of the kind that snake charmers play. I assume they are a local team and perhaps they had won something. They seemed a touch drunk and generally daft as they jumped and shouted their way back and forth along the promenade. (They really needed a bit of choreography)

Someone with a spanish mobile phone number rang me at 9am today. I was asleep. Who are these persons whose numbers are not already in my phone who call me? 10pm Friday night, 9am sunday. Are they all wrong numbers? Don’t seem like business calls and I haven’t given my number to anyone in the last 6 months. (If I had given out my number I could now be fantasising about the calls I have missed.)

Obviously, I can’t be bothered to return the calls especially as that will cost at least 40 cents.
Received text from builder that he plans to come over 11am monday to hunt for carcoma (the wood boring beetles). That means I can’t go out which means I can have another rest.


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