June 3 Monday
Builder arrived early, but has some work next door and so was only here to check what needs to be done.

Went to beach in a poor mood. I think I am affected by being reminded that beetles are eating the house. Had some difficulty breaking away from that mood and drifting into the gentle rythms of today’s different music. Gradually I shifted and turned and slide my way through slow ballards. A quiet time. The place is much less occupied compared to the weekends.

I often find that the balancing and stretching is easier after dancing than before dancing.
The sunshine hurts. I am out in the midday sun and still find it surprising how high the sun is in the sky (higher than it ever gets in england).

Yesterday, in Turkey, street disturbances, riots, demos which no one seems to be able to explain. An initial demo against turning a park into a commercial centre was suppressed with water cannon and tear gas and then large demos occurred in multiple cities. Seems like an underlying anger has been vented by the heavy police response.

That’s the kind of sudden outburst that I hope will not happen in Spain.

(In Turkey it may be the ‘westernised’ middle urban classes who are angry at the religious government. The government which has removed some of the restrictions on religion in government and restricted alcohol use and brought in religious indoctrination in schools. –

Ironically bringing the country in-line with the west – allowing religious symbols, teaching religion and restricting alcohol consumption.)


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