June 5 Wed
Day started overcast and about 20C. For some reason I awoke at 8am. Later in the day the sky mainly cleared and the temperature went up to a 25Cmax. It was early and cloudy when I danced. The beach was almost empty and few passersby. Bumped into a friend, chatted about the ‘cold’ and then saw another neighbour. Nothing much happened. I tried to avoid eye contact with a man who seemed to be watching intently including when I wasn’t dancing. A few videos. One couple videoed me and then while I was still dancing they were smiling while watching the video instead. (Everything is better on TV)

My workman tells me that the Bosch brand sandpaper for my Bosch power sander isn’t worth buying because it comes in sets of different grades. So I went to the shop and bought what I had bought in the past – a single grade pack. (Apparently he was unable to find these himself.) Apparently he used another sander last time. I pointed out that mine is more powerful. He says it isn’t. As I bought it specifically because of its greater power I find this annoying. I am wondering how to persuade him to use the right paper on the more powerful sander.

Does no one read the instructions? In the shop the assistant tells me that the ‘White’ sandpaper is for paint on a wall not on wood. I show her the illustration on the product which is of a wooden door.

The salesperson for the lawnmower explained that the oil needs to be changed after the first 20 hours of use. My gardener has made a note of this 20 hours. The instructions say 5 hours.

Last year I went to the trouble of buying a gas mask together with activated carbon filters for volatile organic chemicals so that the worker would be protected when painting the insecticide on the wood. I explained this to him and left the mask out with the tools. When I returned the filters were still in their box and the mask spotless in its sealed plastic bag.

The instructions for the sander and the lawnmower are that you must wear ear-defenders. No one does. These are not just over anxious lawyer’s recommendations. The noise level from the lawnmower is 95dB. The sander I don’t know, but I have used it and I would not want to be exposed to it for more than a few minutes. It is deceptive, it doesn’t seem that loud, but..

The dust from the sander is terrible too even though it has a vacuum system to catch much of it. (Oh, the worker decided to ignore my instructions to use the branded paper. He bought cheaper sandpaper – saving me money- and cut it to size, but the branded product has holes to allow dust to be sucked into its own bin. therefore he risks his lungs and makes the place dirtier for the sake of a few euros.)

But, for me, the worst effect of the sander is the vibration which after using it for 20 mins left my sense of touch disturbed for the next hour. Everything that I touched seemed silky and my hands slightly tingled. Obviously mild nerve damage.

For me the sander requires: dust mask, eye shields, ear defenders and thick gloves.

To me applying the insecticide requires: Gasmask (really is a gasmask), plastic hair cover, disposable overalls, plastic gloves. The problem with all this is sweat and overheating – plus the glass steams up.

Oh, but then, some years ago I explained to a worker the toxic nature of dust from asbestos fibres in roofing. The UK advice is not only to wear a mask but to have shoes wrapped in plastic and to dispose of overalls because the dust clings to cloth. He ignored it completely. I saw him take the roofing material and fold it and snap it against his chest.
I don’t understand why so few people take these things seriously. I spent my own money to protect his health and he chooses to not use the safety equipment.
I wonder if the gasmask and organic filters would do me okay for tear gas.


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