June 9 Sunday
Went to beach as normal. Danced and broke the headphones. The thin wire to one side was damaged internally cutting out the sound to that side. Back at house I spent 30 mins trying to repair it, but the wires seem to be insulated with some kind of varnish which I could not remove. Left them in spain broken. So no music at airport. Could have bought new pair there, but decided not to pay airport prices. Lovely day in Spain. Not so lovely on arrival in UK.

Waiting for taxis with 3 spanish women and a british couple. I spoke to the spanish in spanish, and when I spoke to the Brit (who lives in Kinson) I couldn’t understand him because of his accent. The spanish women all agreed ‘Hace frio’ (It’s cold) Got home at UK time 12.20 which was for me 1.20am.


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