16 July Tuesday
Not so hot. Went to library this morning but it being baby singing time I didn’t stay. I went back later to read up on plug-in portable internet. They claim to be pay as you go, but they seem to me to be short term contracts instead. You pay and if you don’t use within 30 days its gone (they should be called ‘use it or lose it’) Also there is no detail of the contract (or the ‘no contract’ as they seem to call these things as if you could have terms of a contract without a contract.) I am thinking about buying a cheap laptop or notebook and having a plug-in ‘use it or lose it’ broadband connection here in the UK. At about 4pm (in the cooler time) went along beach. When got somewhere near shore rd 3 muscley young men came over. The first said, “How the hell do you do that?”
“What? I’m not doing anything special.”
“Hell yes, when you do that…” he swings his arms back and lifts a leg. “Oh,” I reply not sure what step or effect it is exactly, “I just do what ever my subconscious wants to do I have no idea what I am doing.” “Are you on anything?” “No, just exercise.” “Oh, good.” He smiles, offers me a bite of his banana which I decline and then says, “A girlfriend told me about you but I didn’t believe her, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.” We chat for a short while about videos and where they can see mine. As I dance my way back a group of teenagers come running down to me. I take the headphones off as they seem to want to speak. One has his iphone at the ready, but for an interestingly different reason which he explains while switching his phone to play some music. “We are here to film a music video for our new track, we would like you to dance on it. Would you?” “Sure,” I reply as he holds the phone up. I unplug my headphones and ask if he can plug them into the phone. He does so and then I signal for him to put it into my new backpack. It is some kind of hip-hop fast stuff. The guy has a proper camera (a stills camera that also does video, but clearly something better than something for ‘snaps’.) I tell him to wait till I have heard enough, he nods. Then I burst into something utterly wild with heavy use of African tribal and then calmer basic moves. The other (didn’t count maybe 4) are dancing around me. Then I am dancing with a black girl in a yellow bikini then a white girl with brown hair. And then it is over. I am breathing heavily as I had already danced all the way from Branksome \Chine to shore rd and part fo the way back and have put my all into that explosion (Well I wanted to pass the audition). I asked where they would put it – Youtube of course. I tell them I have dance videos there. I tell them to search for Toco Cantar and that a link would be nice. They tell me they will credit Toco Cantar. I tell them that isn’t me, but do a link. Back at the Chine I do my usual encore even though I am shagged-out. As I walked up the Avenue I thought that I could have offered to make them a proper video and that I could have taken charge on the beach because we could have done better. Ah, well. I wonder if I will get to see it. What it is to be young and sociable. Spent some of this evening watching ‘my greatest hits’ by which I mean my music videos that no one has watched on line. I do like them.


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