17 July Wed Woke up at 3 am hungry. Got up and had breakfast. Cleaned teeth, went back to bed and got up again at 10 for a second breakfast. All this dancing means I am so hungry and eating so much. Hotter I think. Went to Canford Cliffs library but couldn’t get use of a computer so went to beach. Walked in the sea for the first time in ages in the heat and then as the sun started to fall in the sky I hit the dance beats. Some little children start jumping around in response to my dancing and so their mother dances with them in the surf. I am complimented sufficiently that on days when I don’t get any compliments it is a bit of a downer. Fortunately today was not one of those days. Three young women came over to me from a large group, “We had to come over to meet you. You have to show us how to do your moves.” One of them said. “We’ll just go behind you like in a class and we’ll follow what you do.”
“Oh, okay, ” I hesitantly reply knowing that this isn’t easy for me.
I showed them a side step with the leg going out a long way and hips swinging. This amused them, but they weren’t able to do it properly. They didn’t seem to be able (or willing) to bend enough. Seemed like I was the most feminine of the 4 of us. It is odd to see such lack of agility in youngsters. I could see that one of them had an iphone which was playing music, “What music are you listening to? I asked. “Beyonce,” she replied. “Oh, good. I reply while unplugging my headphones. “Plug me in.” She connects me to her phone and I tell her to pop it into my backpack. “Will I get this back?” She asks. One of them asks if we are going to do the ‘Single ladies” routine. I can’t remember what the song was, but as I started one of them said, “Oh he’s going for it.” I then realised that this had lost them completely. They stopped told me that I was a (can’t remember what word they used) dancer and that it had been a pleasure to meet me as each shook my hand. Now I know what a young man should do to meet girls. I am truly surprised at the level of postive reaction my insane bouncing produces. I mentioned videos of me on youtube and they said that they were thinking of uploading a video of me to… I think they called it ‘Vane’. “What’s that?” – Some kind of video sharing website. (I have the impression that the young always have some other web service that they use.) Didn’t get any of my chores done. Exhausted myself – vanity oh vanity – when someone tells me that I am good I put on an extra burst partly because it invigorates me and partly just showing off. Back at the flat so hungry that I couldn’t wait for a cooked meal. Now want to go to sleep and also to eat more. Should cook something, but so tired.


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