18 July Thursday Was up at 2 am, still awake and hungry so I ate something and then danced for an hour.. or was it just a dream? We will never know. Don’t remember which day it was, but when walking to Tesco a blonde woman of abut 30 leaned out of a car and said something to me. I turned toward her and she repeated, “You’re not dancing.”
Went to library to download some forms and try to set up a ‘beachdancer’ identity for youtube and twitter, but the name already in use and after I set up a ‘channel’ on youtube for my beachdancing videos I realised that the site uses the ‘real name’ of the person rather than the online name so I have a channel with an impossible to explain name because I had to give a name to set up the channel. The name is Abuelo S. B. Chdancer which is idiotic. (Abuelo is Granddad in spanish, the letter S sounds the same as the word for ‘is’ in Spanish and B. Chdancer is ‘beachdancer’ in my English) I find twitter almost incomprehensibly stupid. The concept of it strikes me as absurd and I find it difficult to use. This is getting absurd. Small boys asking me where they can find me on-line. Bumped into two familiar faces of probably 17 year old girls who I mistook for the music video girls of a few days ago, but these were the dance class girls of Beyonce so we talked at cross purposes for a while. I asked what she had done with the video. She said nothing because when they looked at it I was ‘switched on’ and they were like ‘nothing’.
Having realised that they were not the music video group I apologised for mixing them up and she said, that’s the problem of being famous. As I depart two other teenage girls run over to dance with me. This just doesn’t work, they can’t hear the music and they can’t copy me and I think how wonderful it would be to be a dancing teenager, or maybe not. I would like this to work, but short of carrying a boombox…
On the way back the small boys again who danced with me for a while and asked what my last name was (for a google search I believe) I refused to disclose it, but reminded them about Toco Cantar. Very tired on the way back because I had gone all the way past shore road and it is TOO FAR. I was walking and stretching my arms above my head as I passed canford cliffs where there were lots of teenager boys playing football. They mistook my arm swinging for a wave and some of them waved so I had to wave, and then they jogged down the beach. “Hello,” I called out as I pulled the ‘phones from my ears. One of them replied with, “Taking a break?” I explained that I was exhausted. He asked how far I go down the beach, he was impressed when I said Sandbanks, but then that is an exageration anyway. Then one of them … this is getting ridiculous… told me, “I was shown a video of you and I have to admit that I was impressed and regretted not being here when my mate took the video.”
As I wrote, this is getting ridiculous.
He went on to say, “I really admire your moves.” (I am thinking that I should introduce these youg lads to the girls who want to dance.) Then he said, “When you are on MTV I will tell people that I know you.”
(What?) I pass a young couple who are standing in the waves, I look towards them and the girl says “Hiyah,” and I say “Hello,” and walk on. That would not have happened in non-dancing times. When back at the Chine I did a few twirls and three rough looking teens were watching me. The music stopped and so I stopped and they called out, “Oh’ go on do a bit more.” I explained that the music had stopped. “Just a bit more,” he calls out and I realise that they all three have their camera phones out. When I walk back to the promenade the final part of the concrete is perfectly dusted with sand so I start slowly turning and making flowing movements. The lads come over with their cameras and I blast into jerks and spins, then turn to them and say, “I’m sorry, but I am exhausted.” They call out, “Good lad.” How strange this all is. I want to see these videos to figure out what all the fuss is about. This is more interaction than in Javea. Why? Well, we all assume that we all speak English, there have been more persons here, and maybe I am being more approachable. So far two separate incidents of a person saying that he had been shown a video of me or had been told about me. One ‘had not believed what he had been told’ the other admired my moves and regretted not having been there at the time. Bizarre. With the heat I went to beach at 4pm and it was still too hot to be comfortable dancing. This late dance session gets me back very late and then in the blink of a tired eye it is time for bed.


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