July 21
Tried to use twitter again and had to tick a box agreeing that I wouldn’t send multiple unsolicited tweets or something like that, but as I have no idea what that means it is difficult to agree to not do it. I sent a message to the company pointing out that as a new user I have no idea what they are referring to and that their explanatory pages are incomprehensible (referring to ‘mentions’ and the use of the ‘@’ symbol which I have never used, but which their system appears to automatically enter if I reply to someone. Having agreed ‘not to’ I was able to use twitter again for some minutes before it banned me again – this time perhaps permanently for whatever it is that I don’t know I have done, but which is apparently heinous. I set-up a ‘channel’ (whatever that is) on youtube for “B Chdancer” so that I could group together links to any videos of me dancing on the beach, but having done that it seems to be impossible for anyone to access it. Google tells me that I have a ‘channel’ (whatever that is) on google+ (whatever that is). God knows what it is for or why I would want it, but it is pretty and full of utterly useless crap that doesn’t interest me. It seems to be a webpage which I can partially edit within the strictures of google’s concept of what I should want. I can link to sports or famous people so that their junk appears on my page. BUT I can’t refuse any of it as far as I can see, I have to accept drivel that google thinks will interest me. Twitter has a similar policy in that before being allowed to open an account with them you are forced to agree to accept messages from famous people. (You can cancel them afterwards, but twitter constantly tries to get you to accept messages from strangers. BUT when I replied to some of those messages I got banned for sending ‘unsolicited’ messages. What I tried to do on twitter is find person who wrote about dancing or who were dancers and respond to something they had written asking them what they think of my dance videos. All this on-line stuff takes ages and seems like a waste of effort. Not that I am sure what I am trying to achieve. After returning from Ann’s I walked down to the beach at dusk and danced a while. The place was almost deserted and not as interesting as normal. Came back at close to 10pm. Oh, it is now 1 am and I am not tired enough to sleep.


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