July 22 2013 Monday
The evening weather report says today was hot with 33C slighlt inland and about 27 on the coast, but it seemed much cooler to me especially as there was a lot of cloud and a breeze.
Couldn’t be bothered to do any chores, but at 3pm headed for the beach which fortunately was at low tide. AND IT HAPPENED – I have been wondering if this would happen AND IT HAS…. A girl of about 12 ran over to me and asked, “Can I have your autograph.”
I may have responded slowly, “Yes, but I don’t have anything to write with.”
“Oh.” So there we have it, its official. I am on the list of those who give autographs… if I had something to write with.

As I danced a young man was videoing me and when I stopped I waved him toward me and I asked where he was planning to put the video. He said he wasn’t planning to put it anywhere, that he wanted it for himself because…. “I would like to do what you do, dancing on the beach, and you are inspirational.” BEJEZUZ. What can you say to that? Later I see a man (50 – his age will become apparent as we follow the story) appear before me. “I saw you last year, my daughter is fascinated by you. She dances.” Now I am thinking small child, because 1) She’s fascinated and 2)She hasn’t come down to say hello. “Is this your profession?” he asks and when I say no he responds “Oh, my daughter is professional.”
“Oh,” I respond, “how old is she?”
“22, and her mother was a dancer, but now at 50 she’s too old to dance.”
“That’s no excuse,” I blurt out and he cringes just ever so slightly, and a few moments later asks me how old I am. When I say, 60, he literaly leans back, eyes me up and down and says, “Christ.”
Of course I am now wondering about this 22 year old professional dancer who is fascinated by me. I dance and puff my way back to the chine, exhausted as usual, cursing my lack of energy, my tired old body and my lack of sparkle. I attempt my usual encore at the chine and find a couple of kids are hanging around me being silly and because I take for granted that kids are going to make fun of me I take a while to get into the groove, and then realise that they actually want to try to copy me and suddenly there are 12 of them. I can’t remember how it happened, maybe I invited them, can’t remember, but one of them asks, “Do you do classes?” and bugger me I find myself teaching a class for the next 6 minutes with 12 possibly 12 year old girls and one little boy and everyone watching, filming and generally being delighted (I think). I explain that I usually improvise and that it is difficult to remember to repeat the steps, but we’ll try. One of the girls says, “You spread the joy.” Another says, “They should pay.” To which I reply, “What, I should pay them?” “No, they should pay you.”
I do slow stuff and try to repeat the steps. At the end one of the girls says, enthusiastically, “You are such a good dancer.”
I warmly thank her for her kindness.
I ask them if they would like to do some more, “YES!”
The total time was just 2 songs so about 7 mins. Then they dissapeared back to wherever it was they had been.
Now I am sitting alone on a bench emptying the sand from my shoes and it seems like what had just happened could not be real. It was fun. As I walk back to the flat a small girl leans out of a passing car and screams, “We love your dancing.” So I shout back “Thank you.” Wow. It is now 8pm, just saw the Korean ‘Psy’ on a concert doing his ‘gangnam style’ which they say has had 230 million views on youtube. Oh, dear. Reminds me that people like stuff that is on the edge of awful and which they can copy better than the original. ‘Psy’ fits this perfectly. So I have high hopes for “I’m electric” which is now online. (I uploaded it at Ann’s yesterday.) As I am now ‘famous’ and for half an hour each day the centre of attention, bouncing and puffing my way along the beach, impressing 50 year olds with my energy and physique, I presume I will be getting some elderly groupies.


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