23 July 2013 Tuesday
Overcast morning went to library on baby-singing morning. Printed out a flyer giving youtube address where video is and asking to be sent a copy of their vids of me to playAdance@gmail.com While I was there decided to see if I could do another channel with a better address. I think I may have succeeded. Need another hour on line to sort it out.
(By the way there are email users with the following names: beachdancer@gmail.com, sanddancer, sanddance, beachdance, BeachIt, and several others that I tried to register for myself.) Had another look at videos on-line explaining the choreography of the Michael Jackson songs. I would have downloadede them if allowed, but couldn’t. (As everyone mentions him when they ask about the music I am listening to I have become curious about what he actually does.) As it wasn’t very hot or sunny I went to the beach at about 3pm. Not many people there. Two young men tried ti imitate me, but quickly gave up. Two children followed me for a while and asked me, “Do you remember us?” Which I did not. They explained they had been in my class, I pointed out that I had my back to them and didn’t see anyone, “But we were there first.” Ah, that reminded me that I did remember them. Some teenage boys with a girl asked if they could dance with me and did so for some while, then some more girls who I think were friends of theirs. I gave them one of my new flyers. On the way back the two young men came back with their gang. They jumped around for a while. I chatted with them briefly, gave them a flyer. The other girls passed by and called out and waved to me. A lad in the 2nd group said, “You’re famous here?” One of them did a small dance move which I praised. He seemed unconvinced. I repeated that it was a good move. He announced loudly, “HE likes it.” I asked him if he danced, he said not much. I told him he moved well. One of these groups asked me if I always danced on Bournemouth beach and I replied that I dance on beaches in other countries too. Oddly one of them responded, “He’s so cool.” If I were reading this I wouldn’t believe this shit. Back at the Chine I moved about a bit, someone videod. I think that the young woman doing the RNLI funds appeal cursed when she saw me. Perhaps I queer their pitch.
Nothing interesting happened. Exhausted as usual.


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