24 July 2013 Wednesday Went to main library and tried, yet again, to do something about dance on-line. So confusing. Last time I manage to get google to give me an email account under the name Mr Beach Dancer. Today I tried to use two of their other services under the same name. Youtube just displayed “Working” which appears to be a synonym for “Not working” and Google+ (whatever that is) said that my name breaches their name rules. (You might think that the one company would have consistent rules across its various services, but no. What I did manage to do is upload some artwork to my other alter-ego Mr Abuelo S B Chdancer whose name is perfectly acceptable to google. His page is now beautiful, but I don’t know how to direct anyone to it. I also updated his ‘profile’ but have no idea where that update is now hidden. As usual I have the impression of massive systems that do something mysterious, but essentially are useless. I cannot simply say to someone, “Go to this address and you’ll see my dance stuff” The reason I can’t do that is that I have no idea what the address is or how to find it. I can get there by signing in with my email address and password, but how anyone else is supposed to find it, I don’t know. (I don’t know how to find my own profile, so what the purpose of it was – beats me.) Google+ is an attempt to compete with facebook. The idea is you have a page about yourself which is headed with your real name and can be found by anyone who types in your real name. Obviously I don’t want such a thing. I like the idea of a page about “Beach Dancer” (or some similar pseudonym – oh dear how to spell that?) which I can fill with links to videos and photos of my dancing without ‘outing’ my real identity. Then I can say, go to…. They don’t want me to do that. Also when I uploaded photos (stills from my dance videos) which I had chosen with a mind to not showing my face, their very clever software warned me that my face wasn’t clear and people might not be able to recognise me. So I now have this “Abuelo S B Chdancer” beautiful webpage with links to various videos and some amusing text and I have no idea how to tell you where it is. I know something that works (I think) if you go to youtube and type in “S B Chdancer” probably you will see only 1 result to click on. Chilly walking down the avenue in shorts and a shirt. The sun was off most of the beach except just around the chine where there is no cliff. There was a contingent of, not sure what to call them, persons who stand on a raft and paddle along. A process that looks very heavy on the arms and shoulders. There was also a rugby game and a group doing exhausting exercises under instruction from a burly fellow who you wouldn’t want to fight. All this macho stuff made me feel a tad effeminate and vulnerable as I prepared to wiggle my hips. BUT I tried to gird my loin and force a stiff upper lip, and failing at both I just started dancing. Fortunately was not tackled by the rugby players, drowned by the boarders or the attacked by the exercisers. Later I danced a while on the groyne (not a typo for groin, although I dance on that too.) Someone took fotos with flash and I walked over to her to ask if she would send me copies. She said yes, I gave her a flyer(email address and video youtube url) and she gave me her business card as a local photographer. Went to my stage near the benches and continued for a while. Two youg girls hung around, various persons giggled and videoed as usual. One of the girls asked if they could join in, I said yes and they asked to be taught some steps. Which I did as best I could and it was obvious that they did dance classes. One of them showed me the same step that the Zimbabwe women had shown me which I STILL CAN’T DO. I always expect to be insulted or have some unpleasant incident and so far have been surprised by how receptive and complimentary the vast majority have been.


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