26 July 2013 Friday looked again at Toco Cantar youtube channel, still no one has looked at any of the videos. Uploaded some background art produced to the size that youtube wants and it turns out to be too big for proper display on a PC screen, but youtube says it will fit on a smart TV perfectly. Then uploaded a different background artwork for S B Chdancer and then spent time trying to understand how these websites work (or not). I see that if you search for ‘ S B Chdancer’ in youtube his channel comes up and that it also comes up as perhaps 5th to 10th item if search for Toco Cantar. In Chdancer’s youtube site if you click on the small red g+ symbol you will see his google+ website which is different and has photos and text. (Don’t know if any of these things have any value to me, but they have taken about 6 hours of work to create. I like the artwork that I have produced for them.) I find it odd that the bloke who filmed me in Javea seems to have deleted my comment “That’s me” on that video and never replied to my message to him in which I congratulated him on it. Then off to the beach. Sunny pleasant day with a breeze and importantly low tide. Danced along past canford cliffs to just before the lifeguard station and then back. Had minor following of minors now and then. Various children say hallo, perhaps because they had followed me on another day. Thumbs up from a distant young woman, I bowed and then she and her boyfriend applauded. Back at chine a small family of small children came over and asked me what I was doing (dancing), why (because I enjoy it), do you do it for money or just for fun (fun) and then they told me that when I dance I look funny. After they went away, (fortunately eventually they all get bored) I was doing a slow swaying thing that I developed which means leaning and rising and falling in a smooth way. A teenager boy and girl came over. He enquired about this. “I am interested in the exercise you are doing, where does that come from?”
“It’s something I made up.”
“How do you do it, you seem to be standing on your toes..”
“Yes, and I try to sway as far as possible to the side, it takes strong leg muscles. Do you want to try?”
“Yes,” he said and did it perhaps as well as I do, “Why do you do this?”.
“It’s because I dance a lot and I just developed this from dancing, what do you do?”
“I am doing A-level dance.” Which I did not know existed.
He asked me what kind of dance I did and I showed him as I have no idea how to classify it and I gave him a flyer for the music videos. (One of these days someone will actually watch one – I assume.) I danced a bit more then walked to the benches. A woman of probably 80 clapped and then realising that no one else was clapping, stopped. I thanked her and she clapped a little more. I said, “It is always nice when people applaud.” We spoke for a little while and then she said, “I think those girls want a lesson.” She called out to a group of young girls, “Could you dance like that?” They said yes and started to fling themselves around and then they came over and mobbed me. There were 5 of them at 10 years old each. Of the questions they asked – Why?, for money?, when? how often? Did you use to be famous? How do you earn a living? Have you heard of Olly someone? Justin Bieber? Do you shop in Argos? I was starting to pray that they go away even though they were perfectly well behaved. Then a grown-up appeared and took them away. My last comment being, “Rescued at last.” I am hoping that sometime their mothers will mob me instead. (Actually their mothers could be a bit on the young side, grannies anyone? )


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