27 July+
It may have been saturday that I went to the beach and had it mostly to myself because it was dull weather and nothing happened. Several DAYS have passed with cloudy drizzly weather in which I did not go to the beach. Meanwhile my blood pressure went up and dancing at the flat only brings it down a bit. I do not know if this is because I make more effort on the beach or dance for longer or if it is a feature of being in public that makes the difference. I suspect it is publicity that does it. Thursday 1 August
Blood pressure up to levels I rarely see and so I headed to the beach on this sunny day to exhaust myself. Danced all the way to the first row of houses at sandbanks and then back. Various small children formed behind me, but paying them little attention they quickly bored and left. Various persons video me, some walking along ‘surrepticiously’ as if I don’t notice. Well, they probably think I am drugged and therefore not aware of them. I presume that some of these videos would make me cringe, but I would like to see them. Sometimes I am really jumping and making grand gestures which could be exciting or absurd. Two small girls came over and one asked, “Do you do this for a living?” “No, I do it for fun.”
“I enjoy making a fool of myself.” “What you do is stupid.” “If everyone did it you wouldn’t think that.” As they left I wondered how long, “It’s stupid,” would stick in my ,mind.
Back at the chine I was tired, but didn’t feel the utter relaxation that I often experience and so I had to work on my encore which was slow coming as I was tired and not very ‘up’ (but the show has to go on). After a two or three minutes of dancing a crowd was beginning to form with 2 or 3 videos running. At the end of the song I said that I was very tired and someone called out for more and then someone else. I repeated that I was very tired and some voices said, “Oh, just one more.” I asked if anyone knew first aid, but the joke fell flat. I changed music and made one last effort with what I hoped was a bit of a change of style. After two minutes, which means that I had not completed the song, I wound down and feigned physical collapse. Applause burst out which was nice. I went to a bench to sit down and some children asked about the music so I let them listen, and I saw two older boys lurking shyly nearby so I asked them if they wanted to listen, which they did. Various minor compliments were said which I have forgotten, but I told the boys that I had just been told that what I do is stupid. One of the boys showed contempt on his face and instructed me to ignore that comment, the other boy told me that he had enjoyed watching me dance. I thanked them and they left. Two adults (50s or 60s) talked to me, which makes a change. He likes to dance and goes to zumba to keep fit. I expressed admiration because zumba is vigorous and something I would not much want to do because it means copying what the class leader does. When I went to the tap for a drink some children sitting waiting for the parents who were loading the car told me something like, “Nice dancing” or something to that effect and I thanked them and told them that it is always nice to be told that. (I think I was extra grateful for the compliments after the ‘stupid’ comment.)
This morning my pressure had been 135/95 where 95 is in the stage 1 hypertension level if it were sustained over time. After dancing 91/73. Back so late (4.30) that I wonder how long I was there. I thought I went out at about 1pm or just before. How long did I dance?


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