5 August ’13 Monday
Last night could not get to sleep so at 2am I got up and danced for an hour. I blame Michael Jackson. Went shopping and then it started raining heavily and I thought it an ideal day to waste playing Civilization on the computer rather than doing chores. But at about 6 the sun came out so I headed for the beach. Wet sand with drift wood is not ideal. A young girl encouraged by her elder sister asked me, “Are you a dancer?”
“I am today.” My answer confused her so she repeated her question to which I said no. “So are you doing it for charity?”
“No I am doing it for myself.”
She then informed me that she IS a dancer.
“What do you do?”
“Ballet, disco and tap.”
“That’s an interesting combination. I admire ballet, but I can’t do it.”
She wrinkled her nose, “It’s a bit boring.” It seems that I should have answered ‘yes’ to the ‘are you a dancer’ question, because if this perhaps 8 year old is a dancer it makes me wonder why I can’t be one too. Not much else happened.


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