9 August Friday
Didn’t shop, didn’t go to library didn’t go to beach. Just relaxed and read a book, but I did remember the fireworks and before I set off I remembered that there could be a free open air dance class just before. Therefore I dined early and set off at about 7.30 not really wanting to attend a class, but thinking that it was worth taking a look. On the way saw a bunch of 20 or 30 year males one of whom had a vulgar outfit which soiled my eyes to see and would soil my fingers to bother typing a description, I will just say that it simulated his being nude and I assume risked arrest. I hung back to let them proceed. There was indeed an open air class by a familiar teacher of mine. It was about half way through and seeing salsa steps I didn’t feel interested in copying I sat and watched, but after a while I thought I may as well do some. As usual I found the detail of where to put my feet to match his a chore. Lots of steps, lots of little things that you have to remember and put in the right order, all very military. Just my grumbling over doing something that I don’t do well, analysing, copying and remembering steps. I sat down again and then later when the music and dance style changes I got up just in time for it to end. The music continued and two or three persons were dancing. I stood for a while, but as the music was still playing and I was in the mood, I started to dance on my own. Gradually this was noticed and some persons started calling out or making what I assumed were appreciative noises. At some point I walked over to one of the women who had been in the class and told her that it was obvious that she danced because she picked up the steps fast and moved well. I then returned to my dancing. A different woman started to dance in a kind of belly dance hip gyratory manner semi in the rhythm of salsa and I approached her and danced around her to a rising chorus of yelps and cheers. We continued for some 5 minutes or so when the organisers pulled the plug on the music. She curtsied, I bowed and people applauded. I was breathing very heavily and announced that I may need a doctor. The woman with whom I had spoken and her 4 friends approached me. She said, “Are you a dance teacher?”
“Don’t lie, you do give dance lessons, don’t you?”
“Well, sometimes on the beach, yes.”
“You are incredible.” (I think the word was something else, but of that kind, and I don’t remember which of them said this.)
I asked if they were Russian, they said no they were…. (Slovakian? not sure) and the boy said that it doesn’t matter everyone is the same.
I told them about my dancing with a four year old and they asked me how old I am. When I told them 60 they were stunned. He said something about 60 year olds and sports or something. I suspect that in their country you die at 60, or maybe he was saying something else. I think he said that it is amazing how fast I dance (probably for a man who should be dead.)
We chatted for some time. The girl who dances asked me when I give the lessons and where. I explained that it depends if I turn up but at Branksome Chine around 5 pm.
Oh, she also asked what ‘style’ I teach. I said, “I have no idea, it’s just how I dance.” I can only assume that the actual teacher of the class isn’t my greatest fan. Went down to the beach next to the pier, and its being half an hour prior to the fireworks, I danced. Various persons gafawed or giggled. Two teenage boys approached and tried to attract my attention.
“Do you remember us?”
Not being especially interested in teenage boys I would be hard pushed to remember them if I had talked to them yesterday, but they continued without my having to reply, “We saw you here last year,” and then realising that there could be more than one nutter who dances before the fireworks they checked, “Were you here last year?”
“Yes,” I replied, “I am the same nutter.”
“You’ve got some really good moves,” was their departing comment. Oh, I noted that the salsa teacher has a new partner/assistant. His previous was a slim russian brunette who danced well, was an almost equal partner and was flashily attractive. The new one is a clone, but dances less well, is obviously not an equal partner and is less flashy but also eye-catching. I wonder where he finds them. In the end a delightful evening.


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