August 8 Thursday, Danced along without incident. Some children followed a while. Others stopped their games for a brief time out of shock, some teenage boys came over and asked if they could dance with me. They had phones in their hands, but I assume they are glued on these days. Tough dancing without music. They went away. A young black skinned woman approached. “Hello,” I say. “Do you remember me? she asks, “We did the music video together.”
“Oh, yes.”
“He’s been trying to get you contact information to send you a copy.”
“Oh, how did it come out?”
“I don’t know, I haven’t seen it,” she is holding her phone ready with finger poised to note a number or email address.
I search in my shoulder bag and give her two printed flyers, one of S B CHdancer and the other with the email address and toco cantar on it.
“Nice to have met you again,”she says as she walks away and I remember that Google have frozen my access to that email address due to ‘Unusual activity having been detected’ on it. So next time I am on-line I have to try to get access re-started, but last time I tried this Google asked for a mobile phone number that they could send an SMS to with an access code, but they didn’t send one. Back at the Chine, exhausted I did a short encore and then sat down. Two pretty women arrived and began putting on skates. They were far too young to be interested in me and I was far too tired to try to impress them, but damn it I had no choice in the matter. Some part of my brain made me do it. Fighting back the exhaustion and need to go home for dinner I put in about 9 minutes of twisting and turning, bouncing and sliding in what may have been impressive or just plain awful. Fortunately, after those 9 minutes they went away and I could crawl home. Just before the traffic lights I heard a loud tooting of a car horn. I looked toward the road and was waved to by a blonde woman driving a convertible 911 Porsche. Who? I have no idea. (Maybe she was waving to someone else.) I do my chores then hit the beach, exhaust myself in physical activity which others watch, and then collapse at home. THIS IS THE LIFESTYLE OF A CALIFORNIAN SURFER. With the beach dancing dominating my days and the various short social interactions. most of which are fairly uplifting I want for nothing. Oddly it means that I have not bothered seeking out the open air dance classes at the Pavilion and haven’t given any thought to enroling in classes. Although I would like to learn some steps because I detect a staleness which could lose my audience. They need novelty. Tomorrow perhaps I will remember to go to see the fireworks.


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