11 August Sunday Not much happened. After finishing I sat next to an old lady (I guess 75+) who mainly ignored me, but I asked her if she had ever been keen on dancing. “Oh, yes,” she replied, “I wanted to go on the stage as a dancer but my father didn’t approve.” We chatted for a while. She had been a member of a music & drama group in one of the towns nearby and had been in panto. “Not dancing in your style, obviously,” she emphasised. She has one replaced hip and thinks she may have to have the other done as she has been in pain. I told her about my having sciatica and how much better I am with regular dancing and bending. I mentioned dance classes and Bollywood. “Can you do that side to side movement of your head? I could never do it.” I showed her. “Maybe I should move more,” she responded. She told me that doctors and therapists had told her to keep moving. I had the impression that just maybe my example was encouraging that same idea. She told me that even if she couldn’t do it, that it had been a pleasure watching me.


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