12 August Monday I went to Westbourne to shop. As I walked up the Avenue a woman spoke to me, but I could not hear because of the music. I pulled the earpiece away from my ear and turned to the smartly dressed possibly 50 year old blonde woman.
“I liked the dancing,” she said.
“Oh, where did you see me?”
“Last night.”
“Ah, down at the beach,” I replied as if there were much chance that she had seen me at the Pavilion on Friday.
“Yes, it was lovely.”
The unexpected interaction with an unknown woman approaching me in the street to compliment me caused me to respond haltingly, “Thnn…. que…” So, we’ve already experienced a request for an autograph, car drivers or passengers calling-out or waving to me, and now a woman feels brave enough to approach me in the street. I went to the library to try to figure out why Google won’t let me get to my new playAdance@gmail.com email account (which also gives me access to my S B Chdancer youtube and google+ accounts) No idea and a second time I have given them my mobile number so they can SMS me a code to gain access and they haven’t sent it. All that work frozen and without any way of re-dress. This is after they erased my photo probably on the basis that their clever software spotted that it does not show my face. Google the face facists. So if the group that I danced with in their video ever did send me a copy I won’t know because I can’t access the email account. Ho hum. Looked on Sony’s website where they have 3 portable CD players, 2 of which when you click on the image to get the full details what you get is “Search produced no results”. It seems they have the items photographed and listed in the menu, but they don’t actually exist.
Having been frustrated in all my efforts on-line (as so often seems the case) I .. oh forgot to mention that last night at 8pm I played Civilization, which is not a good idea to ever start playing after about midday because the time flashes by and a game takes a long time. I thought it was very late, maybe 2am and so I stopped, but it was 4am. So I got up at just before midday today and had lunch at about 4pm and then headed to the beach in shorts and a sport shirt which was chilly in the breeze. It was cloudy and the beach almost empty. A young couple on the beach were watching me (mostly the girl was watching) and when I stopped at the end of a song, she seemed to be acknowledging me so I bowed and she applauded, and he, being a man, went along with a pretence of applauding that show-off bastard who was distracting his girlfriend. A little later 2 girls (I guess 12 and 17) and a boy of 17 or so came over. I asked them if they danced. He said, “No, but I would like to try.” The younger girl was quite good, the older one not and the boy didn’t do anything, but older sister or maybe someone’s mother videod 3 of us dancing. The older girl is a drama student. She told me that she can’t dance. I told her that she could. She suggested dance lessons. I told her that dance lessons will make her feel stupid, because we all feel stupid in dance lessons as we move the wrong foot in the wrong direction and that what she needs is just to listen to music and practice in front of a mirror. “It is all about practice.” An older young man with his girlfirend (I guess in their 20s) was also videoing me. He asked if it would be okay to have a photo with me. I allowed this while wondering why anyone wants to do this. I suppose they show the video, but to prove that its THEIR video and not something downloaded, they show the photo. I continued back to the Chine, sometimes I wave to people who have stopped to watch. Some wave back and some don’t respond at all. The person who brushes the sand off the walking areas does far too good a job. I have to kick sand back onto the concrete so that I can turn.


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